"The Europa Triangle"

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Announcement for the exhibition "The Europa Triangle", curated by Kit Hammonds. This exhibition is part of Europe (to the power of) n.

Preview: 6.00-8.30pm, 17 July 2012 Dyson Building Gallery Royal College of Art 1 Hester Road London SW11 4AN Exhibition continues 18 July – 18 August 2012 Weds – Sat, 12-6pm Admission free Oliver Klimpel, Marisol Malatesta, Nils Norman, Diego Santomé, Slavs & Tatars, Christian Teckert, Lincoln Tobier, Daniel James Wilkinson, Hannes Zebedin. The Europa Triangle is a group exhibition about how we imagine Europe today, explored through the work of ten international artists and designers whose work is concerned with public space and current affairs. Curated by Kit Hammonds, Tutor from the RCA Curating Contemporary Art MA, with additional contributions by students from the programme. The Europa Triangle is an international group exhibition of contemporary art looking at socio-political forms shaping the constitution of publics and communities today. The first curated show to be staged at the gallery in the new Dyson Building at the Royal College of London’s Battersea campus, The Europa Triangle is the inaugural exhibition European collaboration with 9 institutions in key cities across the continent under the collective title Europe (to the power of) n. The Europa Triangle includes 4 new commissions by international artists, as well as existing work.v Central to the exhibition is the form of the triangle as a visual metaphor linking various social formations, from the built environment to corporate management structures, "triangulation" (or third way) politics to community organisations. The aim is to draw a dialogue between aesthetic ideas in the fields of architecture, sociology, politics and economics particular those traditionally divided into the first (government), second (business) and third (community) sectors. The Europa Triangle includes new and commissioned work by Nils Norman (UK); Lincoln Tobier (US); Slavs & Tatars (Poland/Iran/US); and Hannes Zebedin (Austria) in the gallery and in public space and existing work by Marisol Malatesta (Peru); Jose Santome (Spain); Daniel Wilkinson (UK) and Oliver Klimpel (Germany) as well as visual and textual research by the curator working with students from the Curating Contemporary Art MA in a display designed Christian Teckert (Austria).
posted by Kit Hammonds
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Press Release: "The Europa Triangle"

Press Release for the exhibition "The Europa Triangle" curated by Kit Hammonds

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