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Thinking Europe - The Scenario Book

Edited by Barbara Steiner
Design by Oliver Klimpel and Aurelia Markwalder
264 pages, 180 b/w and coloured images, soft cover, format 21 x 29,7 cm
ISBN 978-3-86859-188-0

Thirty scenarios and thus thirty ways of thinking about Europe from the perspective of art form the basis of this book. A number of curators and curatorial teams from Brussels, Istanbul, London, Łódź, Minsk, Novi Sad, Høvikodden/Oslo, Donostia-San Sebastián and Taipei were invited to develop three scenarios each on how to approach Europe, its heterogeneity and its diversity of voices. The book assembles essays by distinct contributors that dwell on European narratives alongside textual and pictorial descriptions of three scenario shows and the exhibited artworks. Referencing the exhibition graphics of the scenarios, the book-design expands the typographic motifs from the gallery spaces into the printed format.

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Europeⁿ-T-Shirt-Editions, 2012

Design: Oliver Klimpel, Aurelia Markwalder
Three pieces of clothing were designed on occasion of the project exhibitions.

The first T-shirt design takes up forms of Jugendstil, an intrinsically European movement at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, which expressed itself in a variety of regional and national variations, such as the work of the Viennese Werkstätte or Art Nouveau. Today these forms have become their own cliché and have ended in banal and kitschy ornamentations of restaurants and souvenir-shops. By reassigning this style to a T-shirt print, complexities of graphic codes and the incorporation of signs and symbols respectively into political and musical movements or into corporate culture are reflected.

The second T-shirt refers to an episode of graphic agitation in popular culture, namely the innovative potency and corruption of an era of “flash and trash” of the 80s and its transformation into a commodified Pan-European dance-culture of the 90s. Taking the typography which was developed by the English graphic designer Neville Brody for underground music magazines and record sleeves as a central point of reference, the design for this T-shirt deals with the conversion of codes and identities of cultural minorities into material that the graphic design avant-garde considers now “toxic”.

The third piece, a silk shirt, alludes to globalised fonts as the typographic equivalent of neo-liberal concepts, to signs and symbols of transferable, packaged digital typefaces containing all characters and accents of the numerous languages and alphabets. These fonts are dominating today’s business communication. The make and finish of this shirt deliberately creates a familiarity to styles of corporate and entrepreneurial culture.

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  • Europeⁿ - Badges

    For each location a bespoke badge is designed and manufactured. It features a symbol, a visual pun, a graphic comment or a reference to the realised project or city involved in the Europeⁿ project. Following conversations, the design can digress from common graphic principles of colour and composition.
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  • Poster-Edition Europeⁿ, 2012

    by Oliver Klimpel
    8 Motifs, Split-Fountain-Printing,
    700 x 1000mm + 480 x 660mm, on different paper stock

    The poster-edition by Oliver Klimpel consists of a range of prints in split-fountain-printing-technique. They include four designs called "flags" which feature gradients and represent the increased blurring of insignia and signs of today’s nation state. The set further includes an image of a moonscape referring to extra-territorial speculations and fictions about Europe, a composition with quotes by the participating curators, a poster with the various typographic scenarios about Europe and the two signature badges for Europeⁿ.
    All these motifs were printed in a rare printing technique, in which inks are mixed on a single printing cylinder. Through the rotation of the cylinder the colour sections change their position slightly during the printing process. Hence, each print is unique. Klimpel makes use of a standard industrial process of reproduction which is modified specifically to produce original variety.

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